Is your organization growing and moving people to different workstations? Or maybe you are getting ready to implement UC across the enterprise “ either way, here is some helpful information if you have an installed base of Plantronics Savi series headsets. This article is about moving Plantronics Savi Wireless Headsets in 3 easy steps!

Savi’s unique modular design was made for moving headsets from one workstation to another.

Assuming both workstations have Savi series wireless headsets that are of different wearing styles, this will save you oodles of time and trouble. No more getting down under the desk with the dust bunnies and unplugging cords. You don™t need to move the entire system. But if the headsets are the same style, then you only need to move the headsets, and not the charge cradle. Of course most people will probably prefer to keep using their original charge cradle, simply for sanitary reasons and to help prevent the spread of germs.

Here are the 3 easy steps explained:

Gently lift straight up on the charge cradle (while holding the bottom firmly). You may need to rock it slightly. Walk it over to the new desk, position the charge cradle and gently press down into place. Put the wireless headset into the charge cradle and double press the button on front of the base until the light becomes solid – then the headset is paired to the new base! This usually takes seconds. If it fails, repeat the pairing process. To test press the telephone button on the top of the base, remove the headset from the cradle and make a landline test call.

move wireless headset

These 3 easy steps also allow you to replace the wireless headset style with a different style headset.

For example, you could replace a convertible style headset with a binaural style (double ear) to help block out noisy neighbors. Replacement W700 series headsets each come with their respective charge cradles (cradle shown in # 1 & #2), so it’s easy.

And here’s more good news!

The discontinued Savi WO100 base can still be used after the non-replaceable headset battery wears down. You simply replace the headset/cradle with a W700 series replacement model. It works great and you’ll spend less than half the cost of buying a whole new system.

Here are some links to the various replacement headsets for Plantronics Savi Wireless Headset Systems:

W710 monaural wireless headset (one ear)
W720 binaural wireless headset (two ear)
W740 convertible wireless headset (includes 3 wearing styles)
W730 over-the-ear wireless headset – as a side note, this is the only wireless headset in the Savi line that does not have a user-replaceable battery.

You can also swap headset styles with Savi W400 wireless USB headsets for UC.

The replacement headsets are the same as above, but the pairing process is different for W400 series. Double press the button on the USB adapter. The USB adapter will flash red and green. Press the volume up button (press volume down for left ear configuration) on the headset for 3 seconds until the headset indicator light turns solid, indicating the headset is paired.To ensure subscription was successful, press the call control button: the headset will flash white and the USB adapter will flash green.

Note: If the subscription process times out after two minutes or if the subscription process fails, the USB adapter indicator light will become solid red for four seconds and then return to its previous state. If this occurs, try to re-subscribe the headset again.

Ending USB Subscription:

If the USB adapter is in subscription mode and you want to stop the adapter from searching for a headset, press the subscription button again. The subscription light will turn solid red for four seconds and then go to its previous state.

Please note: Plantronics CS500 series wireless headsets do not have the modular design W700 and W400 have. The replacement headsets don’t come with a charge cradle.