The other new unit update for Fall 2023 comes in the form of the larger earpads and more comfortable wearing style of the new Savi 7400.

If you’re looking for a larger earpad style for longer wear, look no further than the upgraded Savi 7400 series. This is the replacement for the DECT favorite Savi 7300 office with its base station. The headset remains the same 7300 that comes in either a single or dual ear wearing style, however the base is updated. The other variant that’s new is the S7300UC, which pairs the S7300 headsets with the new D400 DECT USB dongle.

Overview of the Updates

The Savi 7400 series is the replacement for the Savi 7300 series, including the S7310 and S7320 office models. The main difference in this new update is twofold: the LED base station, which allows the S7300 headsets to now utilize the base to connect to a mobile device via Bluetooth, and the addition of the D400 DECT USB dongle to create the S7300UC. The S7300UC is a totally new formfactor for this Savi wearing style.

The Savi 7410-M with its new base and dedicated Microsoft Teams button.

New features include:

  • DECT™ 6.0 and Bluetooth® v5.2 connectivity
  • Compatible with Poly Lens device management software
  • Color screen for device status at-a-glance!
  • Integrated Microsoft Teams button for opening the app on your PC (Microsoft versions ONLY)
  • Designed to meet DECT Forum Security Step C
  • Military level FIPS 140-2 listed 256-AES encryption
  • 128-bit AES Authentication
  • The ability to pair to mobile devices!
  • Savi 7300UC has a smaller charge cradle with it, as well as the D400 USB dongle.

What’s Stayed the Same

The headset is still the same as the Savi 7300 for both the updated Office base and the UC version.

The S7310UC comes with its own smaller charge cradle, but has the same DECT S7300 headset.

What’s stayed the same:

  • Conferencing up to 4 headsets together. You can still conference together multiple headsets to the same base for training! You can also connect more than one headset to the D400 dongle for training purposes as well.
  • Multi-channel connectivity. The new base still has the same connectivity available as the Savi 7300 office bases, including USB connection to PC, and interface or EHS cable to desk phone. The addition of the Bluetooth channel improves connectivity.
  • Base modularity. The charge cradle on this base can be swapped out to fit the W8200 and W8400 headsets, as well as the S7300 headsets.
  • Default line setting. You can set your base to prioritize the line you use most, whether that’s PC, or desk phone, with the addition of Bluetooth having been added.
  • Still comes in dual or single ear. The wearing styles remain the same.

Should You Upgrade?

Whenever new models are released, there are question about how it’s better, and whether current users of the last version should upgrade. That’s a complex question, however there are a few points that would make more sense when considering an upgrade.

  • You need Bluetooth capabilities, and like the wearing style better. What it says on the tin. Some people like this larger earpad wearing style better than the other Savi devices. This allows users already familiar with the S7300 to also use mobile devices with the headset if needed.
  • Upgraded security. This base is one of the most secure units on the market currently.
  • That Microsoft Teams button! If your organization uses Teams regularly, having that dedicated Teams button to be able to quickly answer Teams calls is a game changer.
  • Reduced desk footprint. This base takes up about a third of the space that the Savi 8200 series office base did.
  • If you’ve already waited to upgrade. Your office might still be using the older Savi 700 series of headsets, in which case the upgrade makes perfect sense. This new unit will seamlessly integrate into your communication landscape as it moves forward much better than the older 700 units.
  • Easier to see device statuses. Thanks to the upgraded display, seeing the line you’re using, call and battery time, and other base settings is easier than having to figure out the combination of lights flashing on the base.

Still got questions?? Give us a call at 1-800-457-4287, or send us an email at We’re happy to talk you through the pros and cons, and whether the new Savi 7400 is right for you!