Plantronics EncorePro HW530 headset

Contact Center Manager wearing HW540

Today Plantronics introduced the new EncorePro corded headsets for office and contact centers. The new family includes all wearing styles, and fills a void in the market for a truly comfortable, non-headband style headset.  Customers have been requesting an alternative over-the-ear model headset for years. Plantronics heard the message loud and clear.

Initial Review of New EncorePro HW500 Series Headsets

It™s been 10 years since SupraPlus was introduced, and now EncorePro joins the lineup and is rolling out over Fall 2014. Model HW530 (over-the-ear) and HW540 (convertible) are shipping now. The headband models, HW510 (monaural) and HW520 (binaural), are scheduled to begin shipping in December 2014.

EncorePro 500 series is not replacing SupraPlus series, so customers will have a wider range of corded headset choices now. BTP is thrilled to say that pricing for the new headband style headsets are the same as SupraPlus.

EncorePro Headsets Look and Feel Fabulous

Not to over simplify, but after 23 years as an authorized headset distributor, we know that headset satisfaction leads to greater job loyalty, and happy employees mean satisfied customers. With the new EncorePro, your team members will look good and feel comfortable: no mussed hairstyles and no tight headband headaches after a shift.

EncorePro HW540 Convertible

HW540 convertible

New call center headsets


EncorePro HW540 convertible headset includes 3 different wearing styles in the box: over-the-ear (earloop), neckband (behind the neck) plus a snap on headband for a traditional style. We predict 540 may be the most popular because you can please just about anyone.

EncorePro HW530 Over-The-Ear

EncorePro HW530 over-the-ear style is perfect for customer service, home workers, or general office. You can slip it on and off easily and it™s so balanced it stays in place all day long. Like the others, the mic boom is flexible so you can customize your speaking volume by just bending it towards your mouth a bit.

EncorePro HW510 Monaural (1 ear) and HW520 Binaural (2 ear)

HW520 Binaural

HW520 Binaural

EncorePro HW510 Monaural (1 ear) and HW520 Binaural (2 ear) are dedicated headband styles. The bendable mic boom has unique positioning guides so you can always be sure it™s in the correct position and your customer can hear you well. Ear cushions are soft and cushy.

Plantronics Research Pays Off

Plantronics spends up to 10% of annual revenue in R&D, and as expected from the world™s leading headset manufacturer, these headsets are built for long-term use in the most abusive environments. Metal joints and laser welding are part of the quality package for toughness. Aircraft grade anodized aluminum adds greater reliability. Wideband sound delivers the best enunciation for productive conversations all the time. The new audio processor is 80% smaller and the overall package is up to 22% lighter than SupraPlus.

Here are a few impressive quality stats: the Quick Disconnect cables are tested to 30,000 cycles. That means they are built to be unplugged 30,000 times without failure! There™s a special machine at the manufacturing facility we™ve seen ourselves for testing this. Cables are tested for 200,000 flexes to meet rigorous standards and prolonged product life in call centers.

Stay tuned for more updates on the new EncorePro headsets. We are expecting our first shipment of HW530 and HW540 in the next week.