The world of Unified Communications (UC) has evolved and traditional office telephones are now just one way to have live conversations. UC allows us to communicate in the office, on the road, in our home environment, or even in alternative work areas like Starbucks. In each of these situations, we need reliable, great sounding and easy to use devices.

Plantronics has taken time to study the many ways in which people work today. Their research has inspired their developers to create the newest batch of small audio devices that match user preferences. As expected from Plantronics, these work tools present high quality sound on both sides of the conversation and are simple to use.

The new releases include a cushy, dual ear folding stereo headset for anywhere you go (USB corded). Second is a little USB corded speaker that can be locked down to the desk. A wireless version just like it already exists, but it doesn’t lock down (PL-P620). Third is an interesting over-sized USB corded handset for workers who are resistant to using headsets!  And last is a small wireless Bluetooth headset with a cool charge case that also stores the mini USB dongle. See them all below and follow the links to get full details and product data sheets.

Here is the Next Wave of UC Devices

Today Plantronics announced 4 more unique UC audio devcies to fill some voids in the workplace. BTP is showcasing them on our web site!

Blackwire C725 corded USB headset “ Plantronics first Active Noise Canceling (ANC)! This feature tunes out your surrounding noise in the workplace or on flights. Hi-fi stereo sound keeps your music pumping and your calls professional. Folding ear cushions and the convenient carrying case take it anywhere you go.


Calisto P610 USB Speakerphone “ Small, portable, and user-friendly alternative to speakers with 360 degree room coverage. Perfect for small room conference calls, it travels well in its zippered case. Locks down with Kensington style lock (not included).


Clarity P340 USB Handset “ Wideband sound, 30dB sound amplification and easy-to-use controls make transitioning from desk phone to UC simple. Hearing aid compatible (HAC).




Plantronics B255 Bluetooth

B255 includes a cool travel charger with a trap door underneath for mini USB dongle

New Voyager Edge Bluetooth B255 has great audio performance and comfort. It is intuitive with responsive features and has a portable charger included with a trap door for USB dongle.