Plantronics has taken BackBeat PRO wireless headphones and added a Hi Fidelity USB adapter to the package for the new BackBeat PRO+. This version does not replace BackBeat PRO, but offers you a richer sounding media experience, and you still have the ability to answer calls at a moments notice.

Find Refuge in a Noisy World


Media streaming has œcome to life with these amazingly comfortable wireless headphones, so you can find refuge in a noisy world. BackBeat PRO+ has up to 24 hours of continuous streaming, and Class 1 Bluetooth so you can wander away from your PC or Mac and keep on rocking!

Instead of pairing directly to your PC or Mac (like BackBeat PRO), BackBeat Pro+ includes a BT600 Hi-Fi mini USB adapter that overcomes audio performance issues. After all, the Bluetooth connection on your PC or Mac was likely not built for an amazing music sound – it was probably built for mice and keyboards.

Better Sound, Better Work, Better Travel

BackBeat PRO+ headphones will let you experience the best quality music and movie sound possible from a Bluetooth headset! With on demand Active Noise Canceling (ANC) added to the mix, you can easily block out the world around you and focus on your experience or your work.  If you travel, ANC is excellent for drowning out noise while on a flight.

Familiar feeling dials and easy-to-find buttons allow you to control your experience quickly (without fumbling). You can seamlessly switch to answering a call without reaching for your phone.  And when you answer a call, the music automatically goes on pause – and when you end a call the music automatically  starts playing right where you left off.

Check out the travel case at right.  BackBeat PRO+ headphones fold flat into the pouch to keep your concert experience safe. Use the included 3.5mm cable for non stop listening to fabulous sound from your mobile device.

Never miss a beat or call with Plantronics BackBeat PRO+! Headsets have come a long way and we commend Plantronics.