We™re at the time of year again when having the heat cranked up in the office dries out the air and causes static shocks when you walk over carpeting and touch something metal. Different people have different galvanic responses, in other words their skin conducts differently. Occasionally, a shock can travel through a corded headset. Many companies blame the electronic equipment for giving them the shock, but adding humidity to the air can prevent static shocks.

Static electricity in the office is common this time of year

Static electricity in the office is common in winter months when the air is dry

If you hear clicks and pops on your headset (or handset) when you move around in a chair, then that is a clue that you may need to add humidity. A simple solution to static electricity build up is spraying the carpet with static spray. Or you can use a small spray bottle filled with 50% fabric softener and 50% water to lightly spray the carpet around your desk. (Be careful not to spray your floor mat because fabric softener is very slippery!) The spray usually lasts about two months. If the air is very dry in your office, a personal sized humidifier may be necessary to re-hydrate the air.