Has your company decided to have a part of your workforce to work from home? You are not alone, more and more companies are dispersing their workforce as a long term measure for safety as well as cost savings. Voice and video end-points are crucial to maintaining business continuity and play a pivotal role in increasing employee productivity. That is why it is important that you select a partner that can be your trusted advisor when it comes to UC end-points.

UC end-point selection: For 20+ years, manufacturers like Plantronics (now called Poly) have focused on headsets that are made for work. While popular consumer-grade headphones (think Bose for example) are made for streaming music, you need enterprise grade headsets that are optimized for conversational quality. There are 100+ headset SKUs and it is not easy for you to know up-front which headset is right for your remote working solution.

If you go to big box resellers such as Staples, CDW, or Amazon.com, you will also see a large selection of IT products. Instead of getting lost in the ocean of choices, what you need is a partner who takes the time to understand your use-cases, and creates a standard for headsets just for you. BTPI’s modus operandi is always to work closely with IT managers to create a custom standard for their company. It immensely simplifies the buying process, and at the same time, prevents the employees from buying random headsets that the IT team has to support. For example, see this PDF that can be further customized for your company. For your convenience, here are some of the short listed end-points for remote working solution recommended by Poly and Jabra. A dedicated sales account manager from BTPI will work with you – send you samples, does remote demo – and not stop until you are satisfied with your choices and then create the custom standard for your company.

Deployment, Troubleshooting, and Warranty: The work does not stop at buying headsets, it actually begins. BTPI is the only reseller out there which proudly includes lifetime deployment, troubleshooting, and warranty support over the phone with every headset purchase. First, BTPI will understand your run-rate, and start stocking the product in it’s own warehouse located in Carnation, WA. Before shipping the product to you, we take the time to label it with BTPI’s contact information, so no matter who is using the product, they will always have our contact information in front of them.

When you purchase the headsets, we almost always ship the same day and the employees receiving the product gets full IT support from BTPI when they need it. We always answer our calls live and never send you to automated menus (try it – any time between 8am-5pm PST from M-F). With our singular focus on telecom products, we help your employees with the first-time-use, any on-going troubleshooting needs, or warranty fulfilment. Our customers have saved thousands of dollars in IT budget because BTPI is fronting the IT support for headsets for them. The purchasing managers love buying from BTPI because we troubleshoot issues and prevent unnecessary headset purchases. We even use our own account with Poly to get your employees an advanced replacement if the product is in warranty.

Experience and Focus matters: Enterprise headsets are more modular than you think. While it may not matter which reseller you buy your keyboard and mice from, it matters which reseller you buy your headset from – especially if you care to save the cost by being frugal on your purchases (troubleshoot the issue rather than replace, use the warranty) and IT budget (headset helpdesk included with every purchase). Big box resellers do not have the focus on headsets as they are selling every IT product under the sun. With BTPI’s singular focus on telecom products, we are able to truly provide the headset service that you can count on. Business Telecom Products, Inc. (BTPI) was founded in 1991 as a small headset reseller in Washington state. Since then, it has grown as a partner for small to large enterprises in multiple verticals. In-spite of being a small business, BTPI has served customers with nation wide offices and call centers. For example, nation’s largest wireless carrier has been BTPI’s longest customer who has benefited from BTPI’s high touch headset service. We are big enough to scale to your needs, and small enough to care about you. If you believe your company needs a better partner for UC end-points, give us a call at (425)649-9262 or email us at info@btpi.com. You can also directly reach out to Steve Llamas at sllamas@btpi.com for your inquiries.

Copyright by BTPI – A proud Authorized Reseller of Poly (previously Plantronics) – Gold Partner, and Jabra.