In-patient nurses are the lifeblood of the healthcare system. They spend a significant amount of time communicating with patients, other nurses, and family members. Their roles are intricate and varied and require multi-point focus. Their devices and headsets need to move and work at their pace. Here’s a good headset solution for in-patient nurses.

Market research:

The iPhone is becoming a popular choice for communication devices in healthcare due to its ease of use and compatibility with many healthcare applications. Microsoft Teams is also becoming a popular choice for communication platforms due to its ability to integrate with electronic health records (EHRs) and other healthcare applications.

Time saved:

In-patient nurses also require access to their ears so they can use stethoscopes and keep tuned into their environment. They badly need a good headset solution that allows them to be on a Teams call via iPhone but at the same time have both of their hands and ears open. By using a headset solution, nurses can save time by not having to hold the phone to their ear while on calls, stranding them in one place. By using a headset solution, nurses can save time and use it more productively.

Headset solution:

The OpenComm2 UC headset from Shokz is made for working professionals like nurses. It is a feather-light (33 grams) headset that uses bone conduction technology so nurses can keep both of their ears open, while talking on iPhone. It also allows them to consult with the patients and keep their hands free.


  • BTPI has partnered with Shokz to introduce OpenComm2 UC headset to B2B market in USA.
  • We’ve already sold and supported these headsets to healthcare facilities from coast to coast.
  • We provide excellent customer service and support, including warranty service!

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