1. Headset or speaker device could be on mute: if it’s a corded headset, mute control is inline next to answer/end button.
  2. Microphone placement is key “ if not properly positioned the result can be low or no transmit, and/or echo and feedback. Microphone position is also crucial for proper noise cancelling.To correctly position microphone on corded headsets, bend the microphone boom within 1-2 finger widths from the corner of mouth.
    Check to see which audio device is picking up your voice. It is possible that your voice is being picked up by your laptop or camera microphone, or another headset or speakerphone.
  3. Verify Windows sound settings: from Windows desktop > right-click (not left-click) on Speaker icon (beside time clock on bottom tool bar in lower-right corner of screen) > select Playback devices > select your device in the list “ look for a green check icon next to it “Default Device”. Do the same in the Recording tab to the right of Playback tab.If your device is not set as the default device, it needs to be changed: right-click on your device in the list > select “Set as Default Device”. Do the same in the Recording tab to the right of the Playback tab.