Today Plantronics is launching the next generation Savi wireless headset system – Savi 8200 series. This professional office headset system is jam-packed with highly desirable features to help combat noise in the workplace. The trend of open work spaces has presented some new challenges, such as constant interruptions and inability to concentrate due to overhearing conversations from co-workers.

Availability update — October 8, 2018: Savi  8210 and 8220 have started shipping!  We were anticipating November, so this is a nice surprise.

The new Savi 8210 (monaural) and 8220 (binaural) wireless headsets will make managing noise in the workplace a lot easier. Like the Savi 700 series, one headset connects seamlessly across your desk phone, PC and mobile devices.  But the new Savi 8200 series headset has Active Noise Cancelling (double ear version only – model 8220), Close Conversation Limiting and an online indicator light on the headset to show others when you are busy on a call.  These technologies allow for better communication and increased productivity.

New Headset Technology Blocks Annoying Sounds for Workers

This is an ideal wireless headset for any open environment office or call center.  Close conversation limiting is a new filtering feature that is important when privacy is critical – when you don™t want to have bleed over of conversations from people near by. It filters out conversations from close proximity co-workers and minimizes what can be heard by the far end party on the other end of the call.  This is particularly useful in finance, insurance and healthcare organizations for example. Savi 8210 and 8220 are shipped with the Close conversation limiting feature defaulted to ON.

Many New Features are Upgrades from Savi W700

The list of new features is impressive: Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) in binaural version only, blocks out surrounding noise, Close Conversation Limiting, Voice alerts for mute status and when you wander out of range, On-call indicator light on speaker lets others know when you are on a call (helps prevent interruptions), incoming Call Ringer in the base (adjustable), Hi-Fi stereo (B8220), On/off switch on headset (saves battery life), Call Privacy setting on Noise Cancelling microphone, Docking confirmation tone when headset is docked in the charger and the red Mute button is located on the boom! That is a lot of  new features!

Connect with Confidence for a Premium Listening Experience

Long range secure DECT roaming of typically 180 feet gives users the advantage of not being “tethered” to a desk and the ability to efficiently multitask for more productivity. Battery is designed for up to 13 hours of talk time and 50 hours of stand by time with an energyefficient adaptive power system that allows users to keep working longer without having to charge their headset.

Older Savi model headsets will work with the new Savi 8200 base, but the new 8200 series headsets will not work on the older Savi base. This is because of power consumption differences.

Like other Savi series, the 8200 is available in the UC version and the Microsoft Certified version (-M). Models are: PL-W8210, PL-W8210-M, PL-W8220, PL-W8220-M.

Order Savi 8200 Series Now for Earliest Delivery

First shipments are expected in Fall 2018. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

Learn more – click here to view PL-W8220 on our web site.