A new USB cable for CS500 series wireless headsets will begin shipping in December 2015: Plantronics APU-75 (PN 202678-01) MSRP $79.95. Now managing softphone calls is possible with CS500/CS500 XD series wireless headsets. We consider this a breakthrough and the announcement came as a surprise to us at BTP.  The cable will help customers who have large installations of CS500 series save significant cost on headsets when migrating to softphones.

Use CS500 for softphone calls

New APU-75 USB cable for CS500 series wireless headsets

How will this cable benefit you?

Do you have CS500 series wireless headsets deployed? Are you planning on migrating to softphones? If your answer is yes to both, this cable will save you from having to purchase new wireless headsets for softphones.

The big end of the cable plugs into the back of the CS500 series headset charging base, and the USB end goes to the PC.  Now you can hear softphone calls! You will need Plantronics Hub software (a free download) to manage softphone calls except with Microsoft Skype for Business. You do not need Hub for SfB.

CS540 & APU-75 for Softphones

CS540 & APU-75 for Softphones

Another benefit is when the cable is used with CS500-XD series, softphone users can operate in a 900 MHz extreme density environment.  That means you can mix in XD series wireless headsets with DECT (Savi W700 series wireless headsets) and significantly increase the number of people in a work area on wireless headsets without interference.

Please note the APU-75 cable takes the place of the telephone interface cable which connects the wireless headset base to the landline desk phone. You cannot switch back and forth from desk phone to softphone with the press of a button, like you can with Savi Series wireless headsets. If you wanted to use your headset to talk on the desk phone, you’d have to unplug the USB cable and connect your old cable again (the telephone interface cable).

Finally APU-75 is also compatible with Mitel 6867 and Mitel 6869 HID1 desk phones which have a USB headset port. These are Mitel’s advanced SIP phones for the power user. You can connect your existing CS500 series with APU-75 cable to these phones.

Now managing softphone calls is possible with CS500/CS500 XD Series. The APU-75 cable is expected to start shipping December 1, 2015. Order from BTP now for earliest delivery.