How is your Skype for Business rollout going? Usually the biggest hurdle is not the new technology. Most challenges are around changing the mindset and communication habits of end users. It™s a culture change and it™s about getting used to the idea of no longer having a landline desk phone. It™s not always an easy transition for everyone.

Reliable Ringer Is Lost

Busylight Alpha for cubicles

Busylight Omega for cubicles

One œgotcha that has become evident when companies migrate away from desk phones to softphones, is that a basic phone function gets lost “ a reliable ringer. This is one reason many companies struggle to gain user adoption and satisfaction when shifting to softphones. Some PCs have no speakers or they are muted, or maybe the “Also ring” box has not been checked in SfB Audio Device Settings. So the headset is left on the desk and a call comes in – and it’s unable to be heard. The call is missed.

Busylight UC Synchronizes with Skype for Business

Busylight UC Alpha for laptops/monitors

Busylight UC Alpha for laptops/monitors

Plenom, the Danish manufacturer of Kuando Busylight, developed an inexpensive USB accessory that solves the problem of missed calls. And it has a very short ROI payback period. Busylight synchronizes with SfB presence with visual and audible indicators that help you avoid missing calls.

Bright colored lights broadcast your presence and reduce costly interruptions in the office. This helps prevent missed conversations, it lets you concentrate longer, and it increases SfB user adoption — all at the same time. Companies worldwide are deploying Busylight UC to solve the ringer issue and increase SfB user adoption across work groups.

Payback Period is Only Days

When you consider what the average worker™s time is worth, and how often calls are missed, plus how often interruptions occur, it™s easy to cost justify $44.95 for the device. Playing phone tag is time consuming and expensive, not to mention frustrating.  And just saving a few minutes a day for extra concentration quickly exceeds the cost of this simple accessory.

Rings and/or flashes upon incoming calls

There are two versions available – Busylight UC Alpha for laptops (which has been around for a few years) and Busylight UC Omega for cubicles (new). Both have the same features and functions, they are just a different size. To learn more about how to improve your Skype for Business deployment, go to Busylight UC Alpha and Busylight UC Omega on BTP™s web site for videos, details and to purchase. Compatible on MAC software with Office 365 and on premise Skype for Business!

Busylight UC Alpha is mounted to laptop and is green (available)

Busylight UC Alpha is mounted to laptop (showing green -available)