HW520 on contact center agent

Mic boom is smaller & bends at ridges for ultimate sound

Both EncorePro and SupraPlus are in Production

We™d like to reiterate both EncorePro and SupraPlus are current Plantronics products. EncorePro is not replacing SupraPlus. If your organization has standardized on SupraPlus (as most have), you can still order SupraPlus and it is not manufacturer discontinued. Plantronics says if the headset market dictates a change, then they will respond. Until then both SupraPlus and EncorePro headset lines are  available and in stock at BTP. Both require a modular connecting cable or a USB adapter cable (for UC) that snaps on at the quick disconnect.

Updated Call Center Headset Appearance Wins Over Team Members

Each of us at BTP has evaluated the new EncorePro corded headsets and has made live phone calls wearing it.  Our opinions have pretty much coincided. The immediate difference is the updated styling. If you place EncorePro HW510 and HW520 side-by-side with SupraPlus HW251N and HW261N, you™ll want to wear the EncorePro, no question. It looks cutting edge and more expensive, but it™s not more expensive than SupraPlus! We love it when Plantronics does that “ better headset, same price.

HW510 and HW520 Headsets Look Sleeker and More Refined than SupraPlus

PL-HW510 EncorePro

Updated styling is sleeker, so looks and feels better on. Ridges tell the user where to bend the mic boom.

The microphone boom is slimmer and takes up less real estate on the face, so it looks a lot better on. The new helpful ribbing feature on the cheek side of the mic boom is another obvious difference. The ribbing indicates to the end-user that the mic boom bends, so they™ll naturally bend the microphone toward the mouth. SupraPlus mic booms bend too, but you won™t know by just looking at it. It is important to keep it positioned about a half-inch or so from the corner of the mouth. That™s the optimum position where the caller can hear you best.

Listening Sound on HW520 Binaural Headset is Dramatically Better than SupraPlus HW261N

HW520 Binaural

EncorePro HW520 listening sound is much better than SupraPlus!

To our surprise, we experienced a significantly fuller, richer sound on the new double ear HW520 compared to HW261N. A more pleasing headset sound for 4 to 8 hours daily makes a difference in keeping stress levels down and minimizing repeats. It all adds up when you are measuring customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

The Contact Center has become the Heartbeat of the Business

The call center is often where the only live client conversation occurs. It™s where first impressions are formed and customer loyalty judgments are made on every single call. The Plantronics design team knows this and has spent significant time developing a professional communication tool to give customer support professionals the confidence they need. It™s all about equipping representatives with the correct tools for the job.

Here are a few quick and interesting facts about what’s inside EncorePro:

  • New processor in EncorePro is 80% smaller than SupraPlus
  • EncorePro weighs up to 22% lighter than SupraPlus
  • Foam ear cushions are softer than SupraPlus
  • Quick Disconnect cables are tested to 30,000 cycles
  • Increased loudness for improved voice intelligibility
  • 6 dimensions of adjustability for exact microphone placement

Click here to view more surprising facts about the EncorePro Headset Family in a 2-page pdf

Click on 1-min 14-sec video below to learn what the Plantronics Design Team says about the new call center headsets!