Plantronics has announced its end of life for the Blackwire 300 and 500 series USB headsets. Both monaural (single ear) and binaural (double ear) versions are being replaced with updated models.

Last shipment date will be October 1, or while supplies last. Please see below for replacement products.

Blackwire 3200 series replaces Blackwire 300 series:

C300 series EOL


C3200 series are Replacements










The Plantronics Blackwire 3200 series of corded UC headsets are durable, comfortable, easy to deploy and come in a variety of connectivity and wearing options.

Blackwire 5200 series replaces Blackwire 500 series:

C500 series EOL



C5200 series are Replacements










The Blackwire 5200 Series fits the busy workday. Easy to use, its USB-A/USB-C and 3.5 mm connectivity lets users work on a variety of devices. Ergonomically designed, it™s comfortable enough to wear all day, even on the longest calls. The Blackwire 5200 Series “ the power to connect and work easily is here.

Please note the new Blackwire 5200 does not include sensors like Blackwire 500 does. Please reach out to BTP if you have any questions.

Transition  Information

Old Part Num Old Description Replacement Description New Part Num
85618-101 BLACKWIRE C310-M BLACKWIRE,C3210 USB-A 209744-101
85618-102 BLACKWIRE C310 BLACKWIRE,C3210 USB-A 209744-101
204440-101 BLACKWIRE 315.1-M,MONO HEADSET BLACKWIRE,C3215 USB-A 209746-101
204440-102 BLACKWIRE 315.1,MONO HEADSET BLACKWIRE,C3215 USB-A 209746-101
85619-101 BLACKWIRE C320-M BLACKWIRE,C3220 USB-A 209745-101
85619-102 BLACKWIRE C320 BLACKWIRE,C3220 USB-A 209745-101
204446-101 BLACKWIRE 325.1-M,HEADSET BLACKWIRE,C3225 USB-A 209747-101
204446-102 BLACKWIRE 325.1,STEREO HEADSET BLACKWIRE,C3225 USB-A 209747-101
88860-01 BLACKWIRE C510 BLACKWIRE 5210,C5210,USB-A,WW 207577-01
88860-02 BLACKWIRE C510-M BLACKWIRE 5210,C5210,USB-A,WW 207577-01
88861-01 BLACKWIRE C520 BLACKWIRE 5220,C5220,USB-A,WW 207576-01
88861-02 BLACKWIRE C520-M BLACKWIRE 5220,C5220,USB-A,WW 207576-01