Speakerphones are a versatile, portable solution for those who need good sound and powerful microphones wherever their work takes them. These aren’t the large bricks of old, taking up conference room table space and never used. With convenient features and some of the best connectivity options for audio devices, these personal speakerphones are in a class of their own. Let’s go over the best speakerphones for mobility in 2023.

Jabra Speak2 Series

Jabra’s new Speak2 series of speakerphones improves upon the older, beloved Speak series in a few key ways. They have more microphones for better voice coverage, have longer battery life, and can also help let you know when your voice signal isn’t coming through as clearly as it could.

Speak2 75

The most advanced offering in this new Speak2 lineup. The Speak2 75 can be used USB A or USB C connected, via Bluetooth, and via a Jabra Link 380 USB adapter. It boasts a 32-hour battery life, Voice Level Normalization for near and far end audio, and a microphone quality indicator that flashes to let you know when your voice isn’t transmitting as well as it could. This model also has the longest microphone radius of the new line at 8.2 feet, so you can use it for impromptu conference calls wherever your team is.

Speak2 55

The Speak2 55 hits the sweet spots for mobility and functionality. Simpler than the 75, featuring USB A and USB C wired connections as well as Bluetooth capabilities. With a 12-hour battery life and a 7.5 foot microphone pickup range, this version is the easiest to move from your office to home and back without needing to remember where you plugged the dongle in.

Speak2 40

The simplest version of this new line. Featuring a wired USB-A connection with built-in USB C adapter, just plug this speakerphone in and go. Its light, portable formfactor is a great option for quick connectivity that works on a variety of platforms.

Poly Sync Series

Poly’s Sync series of speakerphones has great options for mobile workers as well as versions for use in conference rooms and larger spaces. Today we’ll go over the two options that work well for mobile workers, and what sets them apart.

Sync 10

Meant to be tossed in a bag and taken with, this is Poly’s answer to the affordable enterprise-grade personal speakerphone. The Sync 10 is a wired device that comes in a USB A version with an included USB C adapter, has a 5-foot microphone pickup range, and is available in both a UC and a Microsoft version.

Sync 20

Even though it’s a similar size to the Sync 10, the Sync 20 adds to already solid functionality by increasing freedom of movement. Able to be used as a wired or Bluetooth device, with the option for a BT700 Bluetooth dongle, this device can go where you need it and deliver great vocal quality. It has a 20-hour battery life and a 3-microphone array to catch those nuances in conversation wherever your meetings happen.

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