Hybrid work is our norm now, and having audio devices that travel well and do exactly what you need in meetings is more important than ever. Device companies recognize that, and have come out with some powerful devices to meet those needs. Here’s our short list of the best earbuds and bone conducting headsets for 2023, and there’s something for everyone!

Jabra Evolve2 Buds

Jabra’s new earbuds offer the best of all worlds: Bluetooth connectivity, ANC, a USB dongle, and Qi charging makes these buds work wherever you are. Available in a UC or Microsoft certified version, they offer great microphone quality and are comfortable enough for all-day wear. 8+ hours of battery life and a charging case, toss them in your bag and go!

Best Earbuds and Bone Conducting Headsets for 2023 #1 choice
No frills, just exceptional sound quality.

Poly Voyager Free60+

Poly’s answer to AirPods is looking to change the mobile work landscape. They stand apart due to their novel functionality: the smart case version of the Free60+ has the ability to act as a passthrough for connecting your earbuds to the audio system on flights. With a fast charge case, integrated storage for a USB dongle, and the ability to use the smart case to manage sound profiles, connectivity, and control ANC, this small package has a lot going for it. It also comes in a neutral sand color!

This little set comes with big accessories!

Voyager 5200 UC

This tried-and-true favorite from Poly was revamped in Fall 2022 for better connectivity! Featuring a BT700 USB dongle, improved charge speeds, and built-in Microsoft certification, the Voyager 5200 UC is the newer version of the much-beloved Voyager 5200. With a flexible rubber earhook, single ear wearing style, and ease of pairing, the Voyager 5200 UC continues to set the bar for earbud comfort.

Comfortable for all day wear!

Shokz OpenComm2

If you need to be present in your environment, but also take calls with great quality, then bone conductive headsets may be for you! They keep your ears open by resonating sound into the bones that support your inner ear, which allows you to listen to calls or music without blocking your ear canal or eardrum. When paired with a USB dongle for PC connectivity, the Shokz OpenComm2 headset is ideal for when your attention needs to be agile. Sits behind your head, offers quick charging and long battery life, and is moisture resistant.

Featuring powerful microphone noise cancellation, this headset is the best of both worlds.

Poly Voyager 6200

For an earbud-like experience with a neckband wearing style, the Poly Voyager 6200 removes the pain points caused by traditional earbud systems. while being comfortable enough to go anywhere you need it. Paired with the connectivity of a BT700 USB dongle, light weight, and stellar battery life, this compact hybrid style fits into your on-the-go life easily.

Directional microphones sit comfortably on the neck for best voice pickup.

Yealink WH63

Yealink’s earbud offering is truly plug-and-play. With the use of a dual-connection base which works with desk phones and PC, this headset is easy to use, easy to customize, and has the best fit of the many earbuds we’ve tested recently.

Available in UC and Microsoft Teams versions, as well as a mobile version with a DECT dongle, this small headset is ready to deploy where you need it.

For enterprise-grade sound, all day wear, and good battery life, these are our best earbuds and bone conducting headsets for 2023. We’re always happy to discuss products and what would work best for your use case, just give us a call at 800-457-4287!