At the BTP Headset Help Desk, we hear just about every headset-related question you can imagine, but the majority of them can be boiled down to the following top 7. Wondering or worrying about these things can cause down time (loss of productivity, work stoppages, headaches) and trouble tickets for your IT staff. Instead of puzzling through the Wild West of Telecom minutiae, BTP customers eliminate time wasted on these tasks by leaving it to us. Below, you can see what the common calls are about and how we can usually help:

Which headset should I get?

There are hundreds of headsets available on the market at all various prices. We can answer your questions and explain the difference between the choices and what is best suited for each environment. Our professional consultants save clients tremendous time and expense during the (sometimes perplexing) headset selection process. Getting the right product the first time eliminates frustrating and costly returns and saves money in the long run.

Headset stopped working.

We logically troubleshoot by going through our 7-step checklist to get you up and running fast. Our priority is to save you time and money. Sometimes a quick reset on a wireless headset or a replacement part will save you from buying a complete new headset system. We™ll make sure your settings are compatible with the desk phone you™re connecting to and that you are comfortable with how it works and feels on your head.

People can™t hear me on my headset.

Or it sounds far away or sounds like œin the well, or maybe no sound at all. Our experts are efficient at getting to the root cause and solving it quickly so you can get back to work. We use the products ourselves and are certified by Plantronics in Unified Communications (UC) and Call Center Specialization.

Need setup help and first time headset user training.

We offer first call assurance and encourage your test calls. We™ll help you properly connect your wireless headset to your phone, so you sound great and are confident from the start. We™ll listen to your transmit sound and help make adjustments. We can show you how to adjust listening sound, how to answer calls remotely, and how to mute your microphone.

Need replacement battery or other accessory.

We carry batteries, ear cushions, cords, training adapters, voice tubes, online indicator lightsready to ship for next day delivery!

How can we hear both sides of the call for training?

There are several ways to hear both sides of a call and BTP experts can explain them to you.

How can I change the style of my headset?

We™re familiar with the newest convertible wearing styles and modular bases and can guide you towards the best options.