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BTP Premium

BTP Premium

Don’t settle for the ordinary.

Our more than 30 years of experience in providing enterprise audio/video end-points has allowed us to create a portfolio of benefits to you – from our Headset Helpdesk support and bulk warranty fulfilment to leveraging our Seattle-area warehouse to stock your run-rate – we have covered it all.

Get a free 12-month trial

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Contact us – one of our account team members will set up your free trial account and review how to take advantage of your BTP Premium account.

Use all the features and benefits of BTP Premium outlined below to find the best products, get support and save money for your organization.

At the end of the free trial, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of BTP Premium or switch to our loyalty advantage program and continue to save money on your purchases.

Plans to fit your needs

Up to 50 users
Up to 250 users
Over 250 users
Cloud management iconCloud Device Management
FREE license for Poly Lens – one cloud tenant to manage all your Poly audio/video end-points.
Microsoft Teams Transition
How to go from evaluation to on-boarding to adoption? Avail free remote consultation from BTP to go over Poly services suited for your needs.
talk bubblesTry before buy – Poly end points
Whether it is for hotel spaces or conference rooms, get access to remote demo to see Poly end-points live with your environment (Zoom, Teams). If you like them, test the loaner units for 2 weeks at no cost or obligation.
guaranteed availabilityGuaranteed Headset Availability
Reserved space in warehouse for your stocking POs at no additional cost. Per your guidance, stock replenished to guarantee availability.
headset helpdeskHeadset Helpdesk
Plantronics/Jabra: Free lifetime troubleshooting over the phone from BTP – saving both IT and hardware budget. Direct line answered live from M-F 8am-5pm PST.
headset customizationHeadset Customization
Plantronics/Jabra: Include branded custom inserts in the box. Change external settings (not via PC) prior to ship.
headset warranty supportHeadset Warranty Support
Plantronics/Jabra: BTP will process warranty for you. You are more likely to get products replaced with us doing it on your behalf.
stock availabilityStock availability
We will pre-stock your standard run-rate so your orders will ship out on the same day. Ask us how we can stock more than run-rate products to protect against unusual surge in demand.
try before you buyTry before buy – free headsets
Get free Plantronics or Jabra units sent to you for seed testing.
guided buyingGuided Buying
Unlimited product selection assistance. Custom product selection guide(s) for your company that you can distribute internally. We will even host the standard on web portal behind your brand.

Break out of the ordinary.

Get BTP Premium today.

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